Crocheted Wire Necklace

Picture 10


Here is an example of the crocheted wire mixed with wire jigged pieces. If you'd like to learn wire jigging, here's a link to the lady who taught me Corrine Gurry. The jigged pieces are made out of 18 guage sterling silver. The clasp is also 18 guage sterling. The ends have been hammered and formed into a scroll. The clasp has a 7mm sterling bead and two 5 mm sterling beads wrapped with 28 guage sterling to keep them in place. The gem beaded pieces are 5mm sapphires on 28 guage sterling wire. The crocheted bits were made on a five pin spool. The wire is 26 guage fine silver and the stones are 4 to 5 mm facted sapphires.

Thanks to Dave for the picture.

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