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So, you're thinking to yourself, that sure looks like fun. When I have a couple of months to practice I'll take a crack at it, but Jenny's birthday is in three weeks. Can you make one for me? The answer is "probably". Depends on what you want, where you live and if I have the supplies on hand. Fill out this handy form to get a quote. Prices range from $5.00 for plain craft wire to $30.00 for fine silver and sapphire. Plus $2.00 shipping and handling in the US.

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Which kind of wire?

Craft Wire
Enameled Silver Plate
Fine Silver Fine silver is .999 silver. Sterling silver may have up to .25 other metals.

Beads can be strung on the wire before crocheting. They are then brought into the bracelet as it is made. Gemstone bracelets usually have between 10 and 12 stones depending on the size. Glass seed bead bracelets have a bead next to every loop and look somewhat like a fully beaded handbag.

Round Stone Beads Or Key in Your Favorite:
Faceted or Button Gemstone Beads Or Key in Your Favorite(s):
Glass Beads Glass seed beads come in pretty much any color you could want. You could even send me a few stands or a tube of your favorites to have a bracelet made up with them. Key in color(s):
No Beads

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